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Vandals strike park restroom

Scott Seitz • May 25, 2010 at 5:55 PM

Vandals have struck in the city of Norwalk.

Joe Lindenberger, city recreation director, said this morning he was called to Jaycee Park at about 8:30 p.m. Monday after the men’s restroom was destroyed.

Police reported the urinal and toilet were completely ripped from the wall and smashed, while a trash can was also turned over.

“They had to use a sledgehammer, ball bat or large rock to smash the urinal and toilet,” Lindenberger said.

“We were concerned because there is porcelain all over,” he added. “So we locked it up.”

Lindenberger said the damage might have happened over the weekend, but he’s not real sure.

“We haven’t had much vandalism down there,” he said. “You get your occasional graffiti, but this was probably $500 or $600 in damage. The damage was done to the men’s side only.

“With the holiday weekend coming up, we have to get this fixed,” he said. “We’ll do it ourselves.”

“No clue,” Lindenberger said about who might have done it.

Anyone with any information call parks and recreation or the police.

“We’ve had graffiti at a couple parks but nothing like this,” he said again. “Where the equipment is really damaged, we don’t see that too often.”

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