'First responders touch our lives'

Zoe Greszler • Apr 18, 2019 at 10:00 AM

The Huron County Board of Mental Health and Addiction Services (MHAS), together with community members, businesses, and organizations of Huron County, took take the time to express their thanks and gratitude for local first responders.

The community celebrated First Responders Appreciation Week from April 29 through May 3.

MHAS Executive Director Kristen Cardone said there’s plenty to be thankful for when it comes to the first line of defense and assistance in the community, making the appreciation week a necessary act of recognition.

“To recognize our first responders only for their sacrifices however would be to ignore the everyday contributions they make to our amazing community,” she said.

“Our local law enforcement officers do not simply arrest criminals; they actively prevent crime and make our neighborhoods safer and more livable. Our firefighters do not just battle fires, they also perform important fire prevention and public education duties such as teaching our children how to be fire safe. And if we or our loved ones experience a medical emergency, EMTs are there at a moment’s notice to provide lifesaving care.”

These men and women inspire the community to do more by their self sacrifice, Cardone said. She also said she especially appreciates those who take up these special careers because they “place our safety and well-being above their own” many times. 

It takes truly unique and selfless heroes to put their lives on the line every day for people they may not even know.

“First responders touch our lives. First responders put their lives on the line for their community,” Cardone said. “(They) make the ultimate sacrifice. When in need of help, we can count on first responders to be there for us.”

MHAS will take the special week to honor Huron County’s first responders for their contributions, sacrifices and dedication to public service, and encouraged all community residents to do the same. It could be as simple as verbally expressing appreciation for their hard work and dedication — something Cardone for which set the example.

“To all our first responders, thank you for all you do,” she said. 

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