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Friends group donates radio to airport

• Dec 13, 2018 at 11:00 AM

The Friends of the Huron County Airport presented the Huron County Airport Authority Dec. 10 with a new ICOM A120 base radio unit.

Although the new base radio unit will become the property of the Huron County Airport, it will remain in the airport administration building, available for use by any pilot or qualified radio operator.

The new base radio unit was purchased through donations from the membership and supporters of the Friends of the Huron County Airport. The radio will replace the old non-functioning base radio which had been at the airport for many years. This was a special safety project our membership felt required immediate action since the airport authority had stated it would not purchase a new base radio unit due to budgetary constraints.

We explained to the authority members that our organization normally only solicits donations for matching federal airport improvement grants where we can get the most value from our donor's generous funds. Currently the FAA Airport Improvement Grants offers 90 to 95 percent government funding for the corresponding 5 to 10 percent matching donation/funding.

We again want to thank all those who generously donated towards making this special safety project come to a satisfactory conclusion.

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