Norwalk Reflector: Library of Congress seeking second Willard book

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Library of Congress seeking second Willard book

• Nov 24, 2018 at 6:00 PM

WILLARD — Former Willard resident Rick Reed recently was notified that the Library of Congress has requested a second “Willard, Ohio Rediscovering History” book for the library.

Reed had sent a copy of the book late last year as part of the copyright application. He said he was surprised to receive an e-mail from the Copyright Acquisitions Specialist requesting a second book earlier this month for the library.

Reed was excited about the notice, considering November is, from what he can find from old newspaper clippings, the birthday for the city’s clock tower.

The book was published in May 2017 as part of a fundraiser toward rebuilding the iconic clock using salvaged parts from the original.

It took Reed more than a year to collect and write the book. He received help from Willardites across the country who sent their stories and photos. About 600 pages of information was collected. That was just a portion of what was sent to him.

Much of what he gathered was so faded it wouldn’t show up when printed. He took 16 pages out of the book to meet the deadline for print. Information came to Reed online and in the mail. He made several trips into town to scan many photos from residents. He says it was overwhelming to see what is out there, including some photos not seen in decades. He wished to thank everyone for their information.

A second book has been started. Reed is seeking more memories and photos for the second book in hopes to wrap up the fundraising for the clock tower project.

The clock tower team is close to saying “build” and now has two sizes of brick pavers for sale. They are available online at Or those interested can stop by Don Graham’s — President of Willard Area Economic Development office in Willard for information. Information can also be found on Facebook and the clock tower’s web site.

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