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Area drive-thru hit with 5 health-code violations

• Sep 23, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Here are the results of health department inspections of Huron County food establishments in August:


No violations

Alexios Concessions I; 35 Cottage Cove, Willard; Aug. 15, standard inspection — No violations.

Plymouth Pool; Mary Fate Park Drive, Plymouth; Aug. 17, standard inspection — No violations.

Willard Drive-Thru; 1052 Myrtle Ave., Willard; Aug. 21, standard and 30-day inspection — No violations. Inspector’s comments: Facility is closed for operation and appears empty (no food/beverages). A call made to the owner confirmed that facility is not yet in operation but should be within the month. Owner will call once facility begins operation.

Willard Pool; 561 W. Laurel St., Willard; Aug. 23, standard inspection — No violations.

New London Dairy Bar; 1 Blake St., New London; Aug. 31, standard inspection — No violations.



7-Eleven; 150 Sandusky St., Monroeville; Aug. 8, standard and complaint inspection — Violation: Plastic beverage holders in reach-in coolers had an accumulation of mold, dust and debris. Drainboard for three-compartment sink also needs to be cleaned, plastic nozzles on drink dispenser should be cleaned once per day. Person in charge said he would work on cleaning these racks over the weekend. Re-inspection will be done on Aug. 13.

Myers Cider Mill Drive Thru LLC; 3513 Ohio 103 E., Willard; Aug. 24, standard inspection — Violation: Critical — Observed bratwurst in pop walk-in cooler from last week’s “cook out”. Observed two containers of macaroni salad prepared on Aug. 16, and two containers of pulled BBQ beef prepared on Aug. 14. Today is Aug. 24. All foods have seven days before they must be consumed or discarded. Corrected at time of inspection — Foods were disposed during inspection; Violation: Critical — Repeat — Observed macaroni salad for service in the ice tray measured 45 degrees F. Foods in the pop cooler measured 49-50 degrees F. Foods must be held at 135  degrees F or above or at 41 degrees F or less. Corrected at time of inspection — Macaroni salad has been out of beer cooler (40 degrees) for less than four hours, so it was moved to this cooler to cool rapidly, More ice was added to ice tray to surround containers on all sides. All foods in pop cooler were disposed during inspection. This cooler cannot be used until it is checked by an inspector and approved for continued use; Violation: Repeat — Food employee did not have their hair effectively restrained. Obtain and wear hat/hairnet when serving foods; Violation: Observed bags of un-shucked corn on the floor of the pop walk-in cooler. Observed boxes of food/food-related items on the ground at the “cook out” set up. Food and food-related items must be kept off of the floor to prevent contamination. Corrected at time of inspection — Corn was voluntarily discarded. Boxes of food were moved during inspection; Violation: Pop walk-in cooler is not maintaining foods at 41 degrees F or below. Unit must be repaired and checked by an inspector prior to use with foods.

Cold Rush Dairy Bar; 1196 W. Main St., Bellevue; Aug. 29, standard inspection — Violation: Repeat — A non-commercial grade mini fridge was observed in the facility. When mini fridge breaks down or is scheduled to be replaced, replace with a commercial grade model.

Cravin’s; 184 N. Main St., New London; Aug. 30, standard inspection — Violation: Critical — Ice cream containers in freezer did not have a protective covering over them. Keep ice cream containers in freezers covered with a protective covering.

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