Norwalk Reflector: Unexpected 'extensive damage' requires more road-constuction money

Unexpected 'extensive damage' requires more road-constuction money

Cary Ashby • Jul 3, 2018 at 4:00 AM

As the construction crew members worked on Old State Road, they realized this was going to be a bigger project than simply resurfacing and widening the roadway.

And that required more money. 

“We knew there were some bad areas. Once we rolled off the surfacing, you don’t know how what’s there until you’re down there. That revealed more extensive damage,” Norwalk Public Works Director Josh Snyder said.

On Thursday, city council met in a special session and approved an additional $254,000 for the project that first was slated to cost $405,000. The original plan covered resurfacing, widening and curbing/drainage. Snyder said now the project — at a total price tag of $659,000 — also is for reconstruction, which he noted was very unexpected.

“We had to expose it before we knew how bad it was,” the engineer added. “You had to guess before. … It was to be completed July 5, so we are still not at the completion date.”

The additional $254,000 comes from three funding sources: The city of Norwalk ($89,250), Ohio Department of Transportation ($63,500) and Ohio Public Works Commission ($101,250). 

“Essentially we get a reconstructed road for $90,000 more than a resurfaced road,” Snyder said. 

Resurfacing involves taking off three inches of road surface and replacing it while reconstruction involves eight inches. In the end, Snyder said the reconstruction of Old State Road will result in a more durable thoroughfare.

“Roadways are designed for 20 years. Every street should be resurfaced every 10,” he added. “We should have no issues below the surface for 20 years.”

This project is the second phase of the Old State Road resurfacing project. It covers about 2,900 feet — from Executive Drive to the clubhouse driveway for Veterans Memorial Lake Park.

Norwalk completed the first phase — from Akron Road to to the clubhouse driveway — in 2017. That project cost $341,000.

“We started with the worst area,” Snyder said.

The third phase of the Old State Road resurfacing project, set for 2019, will be from Cleveland Road to Akron Road.

“It will similar in scope (to Phase 2),” Snyder said, referring to resurfacing, widening and curbing/drainage.

The city engineer said he doesn’t anticipate the third phase of Old State Road to require reconstruction due to the contour. However, he said expects there to be many complaints since the area between Cleveland and Akron roads sees a lot of traffic.

“We know we are doing an important job when we get a lot of complaints,” Snyder added.

The fourth phase will cover Cleveland Road to Main Street while Phase 5 will go north of Main.

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