Norwalk Reflector: Local artists see mural hung, 7 years later

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Local artists see mural hung, 7 years later

By KARLEE STEFFANNI • Sep 18, 2017 at 9:00 AM

A seven-year project, the mural in celebration of Norwalk’s bicentennial is finally complete.

The artists met Friday night to sign their names on the finished project.

The mural was initially designed by Jackie Hug in collaboration with artists Keelie Webb and Alynne Neuberger. The three women presented the idea to the city in 2010 for the first time, but were met with “resistance from the community,” said Webb.

The mural was put on hold — until this year, when Hug was asked by Rachel Hipp to join the bicentennial cultural and educational committee.

The mural reemerged, this time as a way to celebrate Norwalk’s 200th anniversary. 

Hug said it’s a ‘huge relief’ to see the finished mural hanging uptown.

“It’s great,” she added.

The artists stood back, admiring the painting, surrounded by friends, family and other members of the community.

“It’s pretty awesome it actually happened,” said Webb.

The mural, which officially went up on Monday Sept. 11, is located on Linwood Avenue on the east wall of the former antique mall. It was painted on a banner, which was then mounted on the wall using a framework.

Over 31 artists contributed to the painting, which is 24 feet by 16 feet in size. 

Members from all facets of the community contributed, donating their time, supplies and cash for the mural. 

“From artists to resources, it has been a big community project,” Hug said. 

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