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Casino funds a boon for local schools

By Norwalk Reflector Staff • Sep 16, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Casino funds continue to supplement local schools’ revenue.

On Thursday, Huron County Auditor Roland Tkach released the latest casino fund numbers.

Thursday’s report involved just the schools.

“Schools receive casino funds twice per year, based on a formula,” Tkach said.

The auditor said the amount each school is allocated depends on the number of students.

“It’s a revenue supplement to the schools,” Tkach said.

Casino funds have been paid out by the state since 2012.

Tkach said residents ask where those casino funds go.

“Those funds come to the schools and the county,” he said.

The county receives its casino funds each quarter, but at a separate time than the schools.

Tkach estimated the county should receive about $500,000 in casino funds this year. Those funds are separate from the school allocations.

“That’s looking more like $625,000,” he said. “And, there is potential for it to grow.”

The following is the August payout of casino funds for local schools.

Schools receive casino funds in January and August each year.

Norwalk City Schools - $74,507.27

Bellevue City Schools - $51,612.23

Willard City Schools - $40,829.25

Edison Local Schools - $37,903.31

Wellington Ex. Village Schools - $30,094.03

Western Reserve Local Schools - $29,125.08

New London Local Schools - $25,038.96

Seneca East Local Schools - $24,615.20

South Central Local Schools - $21,195.11

Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools - $20,323.94

Monroeville Local Schools - $16,565.59

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