Norwalk Reflector: Fireworks, parade well-received in Norwalk

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Fireworks, parade well-received in Norwalk

By SCOTT SEITZ • Jul 7, 2016 at 4:00 PM

Mayor Rob Duncan spoke proudly Wednesday about Norwalk’s recent Fourth of July parade and fireworks show.

NOTE: Hundreds of pictures are posted of the parade. Here are links to the galleries:

Fourth of July parade (from the sidelines)

Fourth of July parade (from the Reflector van in the parade)

Fourth of July parade (a view from up top)

Fourth of July parade line-up

“Two weeks out from the fireworks show, we were about $10,000 short,” the mayor said. “But, as always, businesses stepped up.”

Duncan said in June the chamber of commerce sent out a message indicating help was needed for the fireworks.

When all was said and done, about $20,000 was raised. The initial goal was $17,000.

“Some people give consistently,” the mayor said. “It’s a real show of patriotism.”

Duncan said 16 new donors gave a total of $2,500 toward this year’s fireworks.

“Some couldn’t donate this year and others had to cut back,” he added.

The mayor said with the leftover funds and money the city has in a CD, Norwalk has about $8,000 saved already toward next year’s Fourth of July events.

“It will be an all-day event next year for the Fourth of July because of the bicentennial,” he said. “It will be at the fairgrounds and there will be bands and food trucks.”

This year’s fireworks show was well-received by the community.

“I received several texts, calls and Facebook messages saying how they loved the grand finale,” the mayor said. “Terry Granneman did an excellent job. He’s already started working on the bicentennial show.

“People love the fireworks, but there is a lot of work that goes into it,” Duncan said. “I enjoy collecting the funds and meeting with business leaders.”

A group of volunteers cleaned up the fairgrounds, Duncan said.

There was one minor issue.

“There were a number of sparklers thrown on to the ground,” the mayor said. “They then get caught in the lawnmower. Maybe if people could bring a little bag for trash or throw the sparklers in the canisters on the way out.”

The mayor said the parade was spectacular.

“I think there were more people there than previous years,” he said. “It went well. You couldn’t ask for nicer weather. It was very pleasant.”

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