After excursion with wife's friend, couple seek help of Dr. Phil

Zoe Greszler • Updated Feb 16, 2016 at 9:03 AM

If things were a little crazy before for married couple Danielle Mullins and Tunis, Tunisia native Mohamed Jbali, they may have just stepped it up a notch.

They say the first couple years of marriage are always the toughest. Those familiar with the former “90-Day Fiancé” reality TV stars know how true that can be.

Jbali, who came on a 90-day visa to engage and marry Mullins in 2014, was said to be missing last week after Mullins didn’t know where he was — a problem that could cost him dearly with his citizenship. Jbali was located, however, before any negative action was taken.

Problems, though, have only continued to add up between the couple.

“We did file for an annulment, but then we’ve been thinking and we’ve been talking,” Mullins said in an exclusive interview with the Reflector last week. “I found out where he was. He was staying with my friend. …. Needless to say, her and I aren’t friends anymore.”

The woman, who was married to an Egyptian man at the time of episode, was featured in an episode of “90 Day Fiancé,” where she gave Mullins advice on food preparation, culture and customs. The pair were friends for about 10 years, according to Mullins, who said they worked together at Renaissance House assisting those with developmental disabilities.

When asked if she thought Jbali had been unfaithful during this past stay, Mullins said she was concerned.

“I have no proof,” Mullins said. “But he’s been staying with her and she never told me he was there and she’s been saying things behind my back.”

Mullins said the woman posted verbal attacks on Facebook, stating Mullins didn’t “know how to take care of (her) bills.”

“Meanwhile she’s in the same boat,” Mullins said. “She’s struggling with money and with being a single parent.”

Mullins said this wasn’t the first trip Jbali has taken that has raised questions since they were married.

“He’s been on several trips with other women without me,” she said. “He’s been to South Carolina, New York and Vegas.”

Mulins said Jbali said it was to “get away from the drama.”

“He says he’s tired of the social media drama,” she said. “But he causes that drama by going on these trips. And he blames me. … He doesn’t understand American culture. You have to explain it all to him. I try to tell him this isn’t drama. But he sees drama as this stuff on social media. To me, drama is me and my family fighting.”

Mullins said she and her husband have only had contact through email for some time.

“It’s hard saying if we’ll work things out. His emails are different every time,” she said. “Like he needs to get his replacement green card and I offered to help and his reply was ‘Well then you can’t hold this above me.’”

Jbali could have trouble staying in the states if their relationship isn’t worked out according to Mullins.

“He’s on a two-year conditional green card,” she said. “He needs my signature or some other kind of proof to show he didn’t violate the conditions. They don’t usually accept anything unless it has both signatures. So I don’t know how he’s going to prove it, because they won’t take any of the past paperwork that’s already been done.”

Mullins hasn’t lost all hope though. She is seeking more professional help from another well-known TV figure: Dr. Phil.

“Right now we’re looking into going on Dr. Phil,” she said. “I think he could help us. I’m talking with their people and there’s no date set in stone yet. We have to get it OK’d by TLC to talk about things that happened on the show.”

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