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Imagine Norwalk to reboot in 2016

By SCOTT SEITZ • Feb 2, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Imagine Norwalk will take on a slightly different look this year.

This summer, Imagine Norwalk will take place three times in the downtown. Those will be June 3, July 1 and Aug. 5.

“Imagine will remain on Friday for those three dates in the downtown,” said Chris Castle, Imagine Norwalk creator.

“But, this year, the three downtown events will be coordinated by the Norwalk Jaycees,” Castle added. “I’m going to help them, but the Jaycees are in charge.

”It’s going to be great,“ he said. ”The Jaycees bring youth, energy and drive.“

Castle spoke about the development of Imagine Norwalk, which is entering its third year.

“I’m only speaking for myself, but the plan for Imagine was always about community pride and reviving the energy of the downtown and beyond,” he said. “It’s really about the whole town.”

Castle said a fortunate by-product of the Imagine events was bringing more business to the downtown shops.

As part of this year’s plan, the Imagine vibe is going to move to the city’s fourth ward.

”I’m calling it 3-for-4,“ Castle said. ”Three Imagine-type events will take place on three Saturdays this summer in the fourth ward.“

Those days will be June 11, July 9 and Aug. 13.

”The Saturday, June 11 event will be held at McGuan Park,“ said Castle, who is in charge of the 3-for-4 events.

The July 9 and Aug. 13 activities will be held at a place to be determined.

“Now, entering its third year, and with my new focus on city council and the fourth ward, it’s a perfect time to make a transition,” Castle said. “My personal transition has everything to do with ward four.

“For people to be involved in a place, they have to love that place,” he added. 

Imagine Norwalk was Castle’s personal attempt to make that a reality.

“It has to happen in the other neighborhoods,” he said. “We’re bringing it to the other neighborhoods.

“The concepts behind Imagine Norwalk in the downtown were walkability and pedestrian propulsion,” Castle said. “The events in ward four will be more contained. They will be a hybrid of Imagine Norwalk and a block party.”

All the events will continue to include music, food, arts and crafts and everything that made Imagine Norwalk popular.

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