Group hosts silent protest against abortion

Zoe Greszler • Updated Jan 18, 2016 at 1:12 AM

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported there were 699,202 legal abortions in 2012. 

Although the numbers reportedly have been on a steady decline, they are still too high for some protesting groups, including Huron County Right to Life. The group sponsored the 35th annual “Silent March for Life,” a silent protest against abortion held Sunday afternoon in downtown Norwalk.

“We have lost 57 million lives to abortion,” said speaker Michelle McCauley from the Pregnancy Center of Toledo.

“There were 2,900 lives lost at 9/11. That was tragic for our country. If it had been a group of day cares, it would have been even worse. In two days, in America, that’s how many lives are lost due to abortion. ... One in three women walk through the doors of an abortion clinic. I was one of them. We need to help protect these children and the women. Abortion hurts.”

So a group of more than 100 people gathered at St. Paul’s convocation center Sunday afternoon to help raise awareness. The group marched along East Main Street from the convo to the Huron County Courthouse in 17-degree snowy weather. 

“What we’re doing here is keeping the issue of abortion in front of the public,” said Huron County Right to Life president John Hug. “We’re letting them know it’s wrong. It’s the taking of a human life and it’s an issue that is still here.”

Hug said he hopes to change some people’s thinking on the matter.

Our goal is to educate people,“ he said. ”To a lot of people, abortion is just a word. They don’t think of it as a person that is being killed. And a lot of people don’t realize this is a non-partisan issue.“

Once they reached the courthouse, the marchers, bearing anti-abortion signs and black ribbons tied around their arms, said the Pledge of Allegiance, adding a line to the end, ”...liberty and justice for all, born and unborn.“

The group invited people who are interested to find their local march and help raise awareness.

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