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Huron County commissioners to reduce airport board membership

Scott Seitz • Sep 5, 2015 at 8:07 PM

The Huron County commissioners are in the process of reducing the amount of airport board members from five to three.

Currently, the airport board consists of Harry Brady, Melissa James and Randy Birchfield, with two seats vacant.

By reducing the board from five to three, two members can make a quorum for a meeting. Now, if one person is absent, the board can’t take any official meeting action.

Marques Binette, Huron County assistant prosecutor, is reviewing a resolution the commissioners expect to adopt at Tuesday’s meeting that will make the board reduction official.

On Thursday, the commissioners pointed out that many boards, including themselves and township trustees, are made up of three people.

“This is being done at the request of the airport board,” Commissioner Joe Hintz said.

In recent times, the commissioners have praised the work of Brady and James, as board members. Brady, a pilot, brings years of aviation experience to the board. James, also the director of the Huron County Chamber of Commerce, brings her business background and connections to the mix.

Birchfield, a new board member, also brings a lifetime of pilot and aviation experience to the board. He operates a flight school at the airport.

In the upcoming weeks, improvements are set to take place at the facility, as the county recently was awarded a $256,000 federal grant for runway and taxiway repairs.

Commissioner Tom Dunlap said recently he expects the county to apply for at least one more grant, with the ultimate hope of “right-sizing the airport.”

Brady added his thoughts Thursday in support of the pending board reduction.

“Why did we ever need five people to run the airport?” he said. “Things are moving forward here and we are making strides.

”I asked the commissioners, ’Why does it take five people to run the airport and just three to run the entire county?’“ Brady said. ”They said, ’You know, you are right.’“

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