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Rep. Stein's argument against wind turbines is strange

• Apr 1, 2019 at 11:00 AM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Cal Frye of Oberlin:

Representative Stein makes a strange argument against putting up more wind turbines in Ohio.

He says, as "wind provides a mere 104 megawatts," which seems to me an invitation to increase our production, not to stop with such a paltry output. Then he compares this small wind generation against that produced by Ohio's two nuclear plants, which First Energy is trying to find any excuse to shut down. Carbon-free energy comes from only a few sources; we should be taking advantage of all of them.

Our representative claims that our rural landscape will be damaged by "industrial wind farms," yet how much damage is being seen in rural Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio from fracking for natural gas? And I see pipelines being laid right through our landscape to carry Canadian oil for sale on the Gulf Coast. How much damage has been caused by leaking pipelines, Mr. Stein? 682 tons from the Keystone Pipeline alone, so far, and another 520 tons of oil spilled when a BNSF train derailed in Iowa last June. Let's try spilling some wind, for a change!

I'm sorry, Representative Stein, but you are wrong. There is no need to hunt for energy in Ohio while throwing away half the arrows in our quiver. Build wind, build solar, build all the carbon-free energy generation we can.

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