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What is Rep. Stein's plan for clean energy?

• Mar 28, 2019 at 7:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Tim Adam of Wakeman:

In a recent Reflector Visiting Viewpoint piece, State Rep. Dick Stein argues against wind energy on three points, which, to my mind, don't hold up.

1. Stein says that "wind turbines in Ohio provide a negligible contribution to our [energy] grid." Well, that can be remedied by building more wind turbines. A Stanford University study shows that onshore wind can provide 45 percent of Ohio's energy needs by 2050.

2. Stein says that wind energy is intermittent and hard to manage. But wind turbines are being successfully used across the state, country and world. And ever-improving technology makes them more and more efficient.

3. Stein believes that wind turbines damage our landscape, and wants to "ensure our children and our grandchildren have the opportunity to view our county's picturesque countryside as God intended." But, if God doesn't intend for wind turbines, what about other man-made structures such as transmission lines, cell towers and grain silos?

And, more importantly, our children and grandchildren have a much bigger problem than landscape. They are already seeing more and stronger harsh weather events produced by our warmer earth. And when we are gone, they will have to deal with even harsher weather. So, it is up to us to switch from fossil fuel to clean energy now.

And it is up to Rep. Stein, or any public official that has a hand in energy policy and would stop a wind project, to first tell us what his plan is to deal with climate change.

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