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Tilting ag windmills

• Mar 5, 2019 at 4:06 PM

I am not an expert on global warming, solar panels, bio fuels or any other alternate energy ideas. I do know that those people who are advocating the abandonment of fossil fuels (natural gas, coal, oil, etc), are naive in the extreme. A little common sense would go far.

Apparently, they have never heard of Australia, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and host of other countries and their completely failed attempts to “go green” regardless of the facts.

Electric prices in England are almost twice ours, in Germany higher, in most of Europe, the future is bleak, most of the working class are faced with starvation or freezing, Australia has experienced the worst, with huge brownouts and the prospect of a complete failure of their electric grid. Germany is destroying the greatest economy on the planet and government is dithering while their industries burn. All over "Going Green.”

I forsee dozens and dozens of broken and abandoned towers, dotting the landscape from Findlay to Lorain, a memorial to wishful thinking, willful ignorance and greed. The flim-flam men are alive and well, plying their trade in northern Ohio. The "pidgeons" will be fleeced, the towers will be added to the landscape, looming over our farms, homes and byways, monuments to stupidity.

Oil, natural gas and coal are cheap, plentiful, readily available and are only a problem to those who would destroy our way of life and enslave us. If they succeed, kiss autos, trucks , air travel, goodbye — get ready to ride bicycles, and high speed trains, powered by ?????. Use your imagination, all managed and run by the same folks who give us Amtrack! Good luck with that.

In the 1890s, Henry Ford asked Thomas Edison if his new electric energy would make his new fangled gasoline-powered horseless carriage obsolete. Thomas said keep working, the future is wide open. Great minds. Wise words. Who knows? Solar and wind provide a miniscule portion of our energy at present, less than 2 percent, both are heavily subsidised and face formidable obstacles. Fossil fuels provide about 90 percent, are dependable, cheap, plentiful, clean, yes clean, and will be with us for the forseeable future, the only viable alternative for at least 30 years.

Victor Mooney


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