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Wake up people; We don't need them

• Feb 26, 2019 at 5:03 PM

Wind machines will not bring a lot of jobs to our area. What they will do is convince people (who can afford it) to leave. Also, who is going to want to rent from you in the shadow of these machines?

When people do not build or they move away, the tax support goes with them, including for local schools. Who wants to live with these ugly noise makers in their back yards?

When these companies go belly up, who will pay for the removal of these machines? They are supposed to have a fund set aside for this. I, for one, do not trust these elites to have enough set aside to serve this purpose — John Q. Taxpayer to the rescue again.

We are constantly developing better ways of producing energy. These machines will most likely be obsolete in no time.

To the people who signed up with these companies, your name may be on the deed, but these people own you.

America has enough natural gas to supply half the world. We also produce clean coal. Let’s run that gas to rural areas so we all can enjoy warm houses, etc., at a more affordable price.

These greedy people are trying to get the set-back laws changed so they can put these machines as near to your back door as possible.

I don’t like bats, but they hold an important place in our environment along with the birds being killed by these ugly scars on our landscape.

I have been told that these people have developed a project called Ice Breaker to drop a number of these ugly machines into Lake Erie.

What will happen when farmers need to spray their crops by air? Do you think they will shut these wind disturbing machines down so you can do this without damaging your neighbor’s crops? Who do you think will be paying your neighbor for these damages? Well, neighbor, it’s going to be you. 

For more information, I suggest you contact [email protected] .

Jessie L. Roeder


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