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Wind farms good for the community

• Feb 21, 2019 at 9:00 AM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Tom Yingling of Bellevue:

Huron County Commissioners must keep the PILOT program for wind energy in place. While there has been much back and forth on wind development, one thing is for sure, Apex Clean Energy has given Huron County residents the chance to build our community, not only through taxes and a boost in bonding for new projects, but sustainable energy for generations to come.

By eliminating the PILOT program, we lose our ability to attract development and to harness renewable energy into the future. This issue does not just pertain to Huron County. This is an issue for all of North Central Ohio.

The Emerson Creek Project will bring hundreds of construction jobs to our community, which in return will boost our local economy since these workers will be shopping at local stores and eating at local restaurants. The Emerson Creek wind project will also create approximately $4.5 million in local revenue each year that will go to our townships and school districts.

Specifically, revenue for school districts will be distributed to local schools to update their facilities and give our children a better education. This is the type of investment that will benefit our community and our future.

We should be grateful Apex Clean Energy has decided to invest in our community, giving us the opportunity to create sustainable energy for generations to come. As a farmer who understands the daily struggles of operating a multi-generational family farm, this helps us not only keep up our farms, but develop our community at the same time.

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