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State Issue 1: A Trojan horse

• Sep 19, 2018 at 2:00 PM

If a person is caught carrying 19 grams of fentanyl under the proposed Issue One, the felony gets downgraded to a misdemeanor. The fact is, 19 grams has the ability to kill up to 10,000 people just by contact.

On the surface, Issue One seems like a compassionate way to help our overcrowded prisons and help those who are addicted to drugs. The social justice warriors will be marketing the “feel good” ways to fight our crisis here in Ohio via therapy and counseling instead of prison. People like George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg’s initiatives donated millions to promote Issue One. Ana Zamora, criminal justice manager at the Chan Zuckerberg intuitive states, “relying on incarceration to solve addiction and the conditions that drive lower-level crimes actually doesn’t make communities safer.”

In reality, this issue will bring on more dealers, crime and increased drug use. Threatening drug dealers with therapy rather than jail time only helps the dealers, not the addicts. Issue One is wrong and I will not support something that continues to destroy families across our state.

Instead of using our legislative process, these out-of-state activists went on our streets and petitioned for a constitutional amendment to be added to our constitution. If passed, this constitutional amendment will be virtually impossible to change. There are means to change our judicial system and the aspect of this destructive issue is not the appropriate way; legislatively is the appropriate way. Issue One sounds good on the surface, and like most Trojan horses, nothing good will come from it once you see the inside of it. It is bad for families and it is bad for Ohio.

Please join me in advising people you know to vote no on Issue One. Our families depend on it.

David J Moore

Lorain County commissioner 2001-2005


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