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We need to talk about this topic — sexual predators

• Aug 26, 2018 at 6:29 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Betty A. Davidson of Norwalk:

I am writing on behalf of the response to Richard Missler’s topic concerning sexual predators.

No, this is something we are not to talk about. About five years ago, I learned it happened in my own family. I am first a mother, grandmother, protector of a child’s life. I failed and learned. My child couldn’t tell me — only anger came out. I didn’t know. I now know the ugly truth.

My first thought was get a gun and do him in. I couldn’t accept the truth. I have had many years of counseling now and I ran to them.

I now worked hard on my son’s pain. All the pieces fit now.

I still blame myself for what happened. I should have known and yet I didn’t. Now he has a new life. He is happy, he works every day and lives in a beautiful place. I am so proud of him and all of my children. I live for the moments to see my wonderful grandchildren. Now as the problem we face in our neighborhood, a real one, I vow to protect every child who lives there, as a prison letter came to a tenant. He wrote, I am just going to get out and do it again. What, I won’t let another child be hurt or dead.

Mr. President, these are men born in the United States. These are not illegal immigrants. They need their own prison and throw away the keys and never let them near a child again.

May God love and save our children.

We need to talk about this topic.

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