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Time to get some new blood in Congress

• Jul 17, 2018 at 3:18 PM

Ohio’s Congressional District 4 has been represented by the same person since 2006. For the last 12 years the citizens of this large and incongruent district have watched this person make a career out of obstructionism in Congress, regardless of the benefits to his constituents. He has consistently resisted any type of compromise and directly contributed to the extremist Congress we have today. Are you happy with his performance?

In November, you have a chance to vote for someone different, someone who wants to reach across the aisle and find compromise for the good of OH-4, someone named Janet Garrett. Garrett was born and raised in OH-4. She taught school for 35 years and saw first-hand the struggles Ohio families endure. She passionately believes Congress needs representatives who are willing to work as a team for the good of the country, not just follow the party line regardless of cost. Republicans and Democrats alike have been guilty of this tactic; Garrett doesn’t believe that’s how government should work.

If you’re tired of Congress playing games and want them to get to work, don’t vote blindly for the (R) or (D). Consider voting for change. Consider voting for Janet Garrett. www.janetgarrett.com.

Katie Rivet


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