Norwalk Reflector: Don't just sit there and let this happen

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Don't just sit there and let this happen

• Updated Dec 26, 2017 at 4:03 PM

Don’t just sit there. Do something.

For those who aren’t aware, Congress just passed a wildly unpopular and damaging tax plan. This is the first major tax reform legislation that has passed in three decades. Unlike previous tax reform bills, it was done without any bi-partisan support, without any hearings, without any forethought planning with the IRS for implementation, and frankly, without any regard to how it will wreck the working class of this country.

It is clear from the rough-shod way that the Republicans have forced this bill through Congress that their concerns do not lie with you and me. Chris Collins, a Republican Congressman from New York, literally said out loud that his donors told him to pass the tax bill or they would stop giving him money. That’s what matters to these people. Not the fact that a majority of the benefits of this plan go to the top 1 percent earners in the country, not that 13 million people will lose health insurance, and certainly not that over the next few years the tax breaks they are bragging about for the middle class will have disappeared and turned into tax increases.

They have been bought and paid for by big business and their billionaire donors.

If we want real representation we need to make it happen. Call your representatives, show up at their offices, vote them out of office in 2018 if they keep passing legislation that does nothing but harm you. Don’t just sit there and take it, do something.

Kate Rivet


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