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Help is out there for our veterans

• Jun 19, 2017 at 7:00 PM

I'd like to comment on the recent article in the New York Times that quoted Mr. Young regarding the canceled Willard party to welcome back migrant workers.

Mr. Young's issue as a Vietnam vet is that he and other vets were “still waiting for their welcome home party.”

I read Mr. Young’s letter when it was first published in the Reflector. I originally thought that I should get Mr. Young in touch with the Huron County Veteran Service Office. The veterans in that office work tirelessly to make sure no Huron County Vet feels unappreciated, which Mr. Young obviously does.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the Huron County Veteran Service Office has a free barbecue for all Huron County vets. This week, they have helped organize The Wall That Heals Vietnam Memorial traveling wall to come to our community to thank and memorialize those who served. Not to mention the free rides to doctor appointments or help with VA claims or navigating benefits; the mundane services they provide every day.

I’m proud to live in a community that supports our Veterans and I don’t want people like Mr. Young to slip through the cracks. To him and any veteran who isn’t feeling support in our community, please contact the Huron County Veteran Service Office

130 Shady Lane Drive, Norwalk



Maybe Mr. Young didn’t know about these services. Maybe he did but didn’t think they were enough. I’d like to think if Mr. Young felt welcomed and supported in our community for his service, he would want the people and families who come here every year to work to feel that welcome and support as well.

Kelly Kuhl


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