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Kim Light joins husband in retired life

By Caitlen Cameron • Apr 2, 2018 at 4:00 AM

NORWALK — Friends, family and coworkers gathered at the Norwalk Municipal court to recognize and celebrate the retirement of bailiff of the court and court administrator, Kim Light, who served the community’s judicial system for more than 30 years.

Light started working at Prosecutor's office in 1984 and then transferred to the Norwalk Municipal Court in 1987 as deputy clerk. She was recognized and promoted again in 2001 to court administration.

“I really appreciated many things about this job. I got to gain a true second family from watching them go through everything from births to deaths and I had the absolute pleasure to work with two fantastic judges.”

While Kim was working for the courts she married former Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light and worked with him frequently during her time in the courts. Dave Light retired Feb. 16.

How does he feel about retiring with his wife?

“It’s great, I mean we’ve had a lot of fun on the job,” he said. “30-some years goes pretty fast when you’re in this field and you don’t really think about it until it’s over. But I’m glad that we’re both getting off that crazy hamster wheel.” 

The Light’s kids, Micki, 20, and Nathan, 24, both were looking forward to spending more time with their family.

“I am really proud of her career, she’s worked so hard and I know she is ready to retire and finally have fun,” Micki said.

Next week Kim and Dave Light are planning to fly to Las Vegas where they will have their first solo trip in more than 30 years.

“We’ve always traveled with family even before we had the kids so this will really be a nice start to the retirement, ” Kim said. 

After they return from their trip both are planning on getting part time jobs to remain busy and stay involved with the community.

“Kim always loves to stay busy and active so I’m sure we’re not completely done yet,” he husband said. “Maybe we’ll get a boat or even a Harley.”

Looking at the future, her goal is to have great health in ten years and she plans to lose 30 pounds.  

“My mom always said the key to live long and happy is to eat right and take your oil pills,” she said.

No matter what the future brings for teh couple, they’re just happy to have had the time together and look forward to becoming even closer.

“I like him even more now than the beginning, we’ve just grown so much with the job and in life,” Kim said.

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