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Love triangle gets area cop in trouble

By Brandon Addeo • Jan 9, 2019 at 11:33 AM

PERKINS TWP. — An already troubled Perkins police officer being investigated for allegedly assaulting an off-duty cop he was in a relationship with was put on unpaid leave Tuesday, Perkins Assistant Police Chief Vince Donald said.

Officer Thomas “Brendan” Sheridan is being investigated by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office after Danbury Police Officer Carolyn DeMore posted a lengthy Facebook post claiming Sheridan assaulted her this past weekend.

After learning of the allegations, Perkins police asked the sheriff to investigate the claims.

DeMore, who said she’s dated Sheridan since May 2018, met with a sheriff’s detective for an interview Monday morning. She told the detective she went to Sheridan’s home at about 3 a.m. Saturday morning to retrieve some of her belongings, according to a sheriff’s report.

DeMore also said she learned Sheridan’s ex-girlfriend was living in his home, and claimed Sheridan never let her inside his residence and told a detective Sheridan tracked her phone, according to the report. DeMore told the detective Sheridan exited the home when she got there, grabbed her arms and held her against a garage, the report states. After he let her go, she tried following him into his house and he allegedly grabbed her neck and pushed her backward.

The detective wrote they saw a bruise on DeMore’s bicep but did not see any marks on her neck, according to the report.

DeMore also filed for a protection order against Sheridan on Monday. It was granted and deputies went to his home and confiscated three Glock pistols, including his service weapon and a key to DeMore’s residence, according to a report.


Alleged assault

Perkins police became aware of the alleged assault after a woman posted her allegations on her personal Facebook page Saturday.

In her post, DeMore claimed Sheridan hid the mother of his child inside his home while he and DeMore were in a relationship. DeMore claimed Sheridan assaulted her when she went to confront him at the home.

“He (shoved) me out the door and into the driveway saying ‘I had no other choice to let her stay here you don’t understand let me explain,’” DeMore wrote in her Facebook post. “Things got physical.”

DeMore told Erie County detectives in an interview Monday that Sheridan allegedly grabbed her by her arms and held her against a garage, and she said she tried to break free from his grasp, according to an Erie County Sheriff’s Office report. He later allegedly grabbed her neck and pushed her out a doorway.

A detective wrote in the sheriff’s report that they saw a small circular bruise on DeMore’s arm, but they didn’t see any marks on her neck.

DeMore obtained a protection order against Sheridan Monday morning. Per the protection order, deputies went to Sheridan’s home and took three firearms, including his service weapon, said Chief Deputy Jared Oliver from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office. 

Donald said Perkins police requested the sheriff’s office to handle the investigation.

Added Perkins police Chief Robb Parthemore: “If there’s an allegation against an officer, we like to have an outside agency investigate to be fair to the officer and the victim. We have all the confidence in the sheriff’s office to do a thorough investigation. And we’ll go from there.”

DeMore claimed Sheridan sent her fake text messages from his aunt. Sheridan allegedly told DeMore his aunt lived in his home. DeMore also claimed Sheridan would not let her near his home.

DeMore said, effectively, Sheridan hid his relationships with other women while she believed the two of them were in an exclusive relationship.

Donald said Sheridan began to work part-time with Perkins police in 2015. He was made a full-time officer before he briefly left the department for another law enforcement job. He returned to Perkins police as a full-time officer in 2016. He makes an annual salary of $50,980.


Personnel file

Sheridan’s personnel file includes his past employment history, which included work at Cedar Point police, Huron police and the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheridan started working with Perkins police full-time in 2015. He left the department that year to start work at the Los Angeles Police Department, where he was employed for about a month. He cited the cost of living in California as the reason he left the LAPD. 

Sheridan was re-hired by Perkins police in 2016.

His file includes several letters of praise from civilians he met on calls. It also includes a letter from Sandusky Police Chief John Orzech to Perkins Police Chief Robb Parthemore, a copy of which was apparently given to Sheridan, praising Perkins’ assistance at the scene of the Anthony Pearson homicide in MacArthur Park in August 2017.

The file also contained several performance reviews. One comment on one of Sheridan’s performance reviews states Sheridan needed to use “ethical” judgement and “be aware the decisions he makes reflect back not only on himself as an officer but also the Perkins Police Department.” It’s not clear what the comment was referencing.

The file did not appear to contain any reprimands or suspensions. Police confirmed Sheridan does have a pending suspension stemming from a November 2018 incident.


Pending suspension

Donald said Sheridan’s suspension will be a week long, and without pay. Although it was not documented in the personnel file, Donald provided the following information about the incident that led to suspension: 

Sheridan responded to a domestic violence call on Milan Road in November. During the course of the investigation, Sheridan violated department policy by not recording an interview with the purported victim, a woman, on his body-worn camera.

The family of a man arrested in that incident made a verbal complaint to Perkins police that Sheridan was friends with the woman. The department confirmed that was true. The man’s family also alleged the man shouldn’t have been arrested, but Donald said the arrest was “legitimate” and “authorized by a prosecutor and with witness statements.”

Another factor of the family’s complaint was that Sheridan allegedly met with the victim for drinks after the arrest occurred. Donald said while the alleged behavior was “not encouraged,” it wasn’t something he received discipline for.

Donald said the township’s legal counsel, Port Clinton attorney John Coppeler, is preparing paperwork for Sheridan’s pending suspension. It’s not known exactly when the suspension will take effect.


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