Norwalk Reflector: New inmates at the Huron County Jail, Aug. 31 to Sept. 3, 2018

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New inmates at the Huron County Jail, Aug. 31 to Sept. 3, 2018

NORWALK REFLECTOR STAFF • Sep 4, 2018 at 4:53 PM

Here are pictures and information from the Huron County Jail regarding new inmates for Aug. 31 to Sept. 3, 2018:

Megan L. Derby, 32, of 3 Garfields Ave. -— Two counts of court order hold

Todd M. Jobe, 45, of 3966 Ohio 601 -— Violation of probation

Clarence E. Lee Jr., 41, of 70 Third St., New London -— Possession of drug abuse instruments

Jennifer L. Meade, 44, of 8906 Ransom Road, Monroeville -— Driving under the influence

Randi N. Mosley, 31, of Shiloh -— Two counts of violation of probation

Ryan D. Moore, 31, of 511 W. Perkins Ave., Sandusky —  Aggravated burglary, burglary and assault

Bryan K. Mullins, 55, of 5404 Ohio 60, Wakeman -— Violation of probation 

David A. Steinmetz, 53, of Bucyrus -— OVI 

Brandon L. Tuttle, 21, of 100 S. Main St., North Fairfield —  Possession of marijuana, persistent disorderly conduct and two counts of aggravated menacing 

Dallas T. Warner, 25, of 45 N. Hester St. -— Theft, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drug abuse instruments 

Melissa J. Wilber, 41, of 28 Marion Drive -— Theft of a firearm

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Not pictured because they have already been released from jail:

Tyler N. Anderson, 44, of Nova -— Pandering in a sexually oriented matter

Daniel S. Bee Jr., 31, of 20 W. Laurel St., Willard —  Possession of heroin

Joshua J. Cody, 35, of 3714 Gary Drive, Castalia -— Assault 

Dana D. Daigle, 46, of Hartville —  Improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle

Paul W. Hendricks, 48, of Vermillion -— OVI

Stacy R. Hicks, 42, of 121 Central Ave., Willard -— Disorderly conduct 

Michael D. Hopkins, 46, of 62 Seminary St., Greenwich -— Two counts of disorderly conduct 

Brian P. Matzek, 51, of 3929 Pontiac Section Line Road, Monroeville -— OVI

Dustin J. Odonnell Sr., 27, of 4813 Delematre Road, Monroeville — Two counts of persistent disorderly conduct and two counts of criminal damaging 

Chad K. Perkins, 45, of 58 E. Main St., Greenwich -— FRA

Tre D. Peterson, 26, of N.Y. —- Violation of probation

Thomas R. Resko, 34, of Vermillion -— Burglary

Isai G. Rivera, 26, of El Paso, Texas -— Violation of probation 

Tracy M. Shrewsbury, 38, of 8 Saint Clair St. -— Two counts of domestic violence 

Sarah E. Sillman, 43, of Rossford -— Driving under OVI suspension 

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