40-person riot breaks out at Charlie's Bar

Zoe Greszler • Updated Jul 31, 2018 at 11:05 AM

A riot involving about 40 people broke out at Charlie’s Bar early Monday, which put three area people behind bars. 

Five Norwalk police officers and members of the Huron County Sheriff’s Office responded to Charlie’s Bar about 12:32 a.m. for reports of disorderly conduct and fighting. 

“When officers arrived, they estimated there was about 30 to 40 people involved in fights and altercations,” police Capt. Eric Hipp said. “They were all over the road, inside the building, outside the building, in the parking lot. A lot of the people (who) were fighting fled when officers arrived.”

After officers got the crowd to disperse, several people gave conflicting stories about being assaulted and about what started the fights.

“One of the allegations was that a male inside the bar hit a female. Then another male went up and confronted him about that,” Hipp said.

“Then apparently several fights broke out from there. But that was just one allegation; there were several conflicting stories about what happened and who was involved in the initial altercation.” 

Officers assisted the bar staff with removing several people from the premises and warned them to leave the area. However, a short time later, several of them returned and began causing another disturbance, the report said.

Janelle N. Martinez, 19, of Sandusky, and Jonathon D. Sullivan, 24, of Sandusky, were asked by the bar staff to leave. Hipp said however, about 15 minutes later, while officers were still assisting staff, the duo returned to the property.

“Then they started arguing and causing problems again,” Hipp said.

Sullivan and Martinez were charged with persistent disorderly conduct and transported to the Huron County Jail. Martinez also was charged with underage consumption.

Tyler L. Dillery, 25, of Sandusky, also was charged with persistent disorderly conduct and transported to jail after reportedly confronting cops trying to restore peace. 

“Dillery continued being disorderly after being warned not to,” Hipp said. “He was being confrontational. It sounds like he was encouraging others to be confrontational and also being disorderly.

“We’ve had some large fights over the last — I don’t know how many years, but this sounds like it’s probably one of the bigger ones we’ve had,” he added. “We just try to restore order. It’s important to note to that a lot of people left when they saw officers arrive.”

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