Norwalk Reflector: Monroeville student kicked out of school after 'disturbing' comments

Monroeville student kicked out of school after 'disturbing' comments

Cary Ashby • Updated May 25, 2018 at 1:29 PM

MONROEVILLE — A 15-year-old boy was removed Wednesday from Monroeville High School for the remainder of the year in connection with making disturbing comments.

Principal Jim Kaczor, in a prepared statement, said there was an “incident involving the removal of a student from Monroeville High School for the remainder of the school year.”

“The student made comments that were of a disturbing nature and concerning to others. The parents of the students were informed immediately and took the student home. The Monroeville Police Department was contacted and is currently handling the situation,” Kaczor said.

Monroeville Local Schools Superintendent Ralph Moore, when contacted by the Reflector Thursday morning, said he had no comment beyond what was in the press release. 

The school notified police late Wednesday afternoon. Chief Gary Lyons said there was a report that a 15-year-old boy “made a number of insinuations that could be construed as threats,” but they weren’t directed at a person. He said the student didn’t indicate why he made the comments.

“So in this climate, we didn’t want to take any chances,” Lyons added.

The chief said school officials “took action” and removed the boy from the school, noting there was a possibility of him being expelled.

Police contacted the student’s parents.

“There were weapons at the home,” said Lyons, referring to knives and bows, but added there were no guns. “The parents agreed to turn everything over to us for safekeeping” until the case is resolved.

The boy wasn’t charged at the time, the chief said, but was expected to appear for a Huron County Juvenile Court hearing Thursday. As of late Thursday morning, court administrator Chris Mushett said there had been no charges filed and “no indication that any would be filed.”

Lyons was asked if police had handled other incidents with the boy.

“We had previous calls on that individual,” the chief said.

Lyons added it was nothing as serious as Wednesday’s incident and related more to disorderly conduct.

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