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Teens say they were chased down street by man with gun

By Norwalk Reflector staff • May 12, 2018 at 1:12 AM

BELLEVUE — Three teenagers told police they were in an accident after being chased down the street by a man wielding a gun.

Jared Weider, 16, of Bellevue, was driving with passengers, Jayden Mayes and AJ Messina, on Hamilton Street in Bellevue when he said a man walked in the road, pulled a gun on them and then chased them down the street before he “thought they hit a piece of construction equipment,” according to Bellevue police reports.

Weider was later cited for improper backing and being a juvenile traffic offender.

The incident happened at about 11:30 p.m. May 4, Weider said.

According to Weider, they were eastbound on Hamilton Street and were between Glendale Street and Hamilton Cove apartments when the man walked out into the road in front of them. They described the man as “older than them,” about 6-foot-tall and wearing a hat.

No other description was given, including where the man came from or where he went — or any details about the gun.

When Weider stopped the car, he said the man started walking at them, so Weider backed up. The man “started to almost run at them,” Weider said, so he backed up faster.

“The man pulled what looked like a gun out of the front of his waist band of his pants and pointed it at them while still coming at them,” the police report stated, citing Weider’s account of the incident.

Weider told police he came up to Glendale Street and attempted to back up onto the street to get away. However, he cut the corner too short and hit what he thought was a piece of construction equipment parked along the roadway.

Both Mayes and Messina provided similar stories, according to police. The teens said they didn't know why they didn’t call the police or tell their parents and “were scared.”

When police responded to the scene, it was found that Weider actually hit the telephone pole along the east side of Glendale Street, just North of Hamilton Street. There was no damage found to any of the construction equipment, police said.

However, Weider’s vehicle sustained “moderate to heavy damage” to the rear passenger corner, including a missing passenger side mirror.

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