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Fewer new concealed carry licenses issued in Ohio last year

• Mar 6, 2018 at 4:00 AM

Ohio sheriffs issued 77,281 new concealed carry licenses last year — down from 117,953 the previous year, a new report says.

However, the 2017 total is higher than that for 2015 (71,589) and 2014 (58,006) but lower than the 96,972 issued in 2013.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine recently released an annual report detailing licenses.

Overall, there were 131,345 concealed carry licenses issued, including renewals.

The first renewal period under Ohio’s concealed handgun law began in 2008 for those issued permits in 2004. Since then, 260,827 renewal licenses have been issued. Permit holders must renew licenses every five years.

The 54,064 renewal total in 2017 was the highest in at least five years.

The report also showed that 1,669 licenses were suspended (the same total as 2016), 437 were revoked and 1,216 were denied.

In Huron County, there were 961 new licenses issued and another 175 renewed.

The report also revealed nine licenses in Huron County were revoked, two others were suspended and 17 license requests were denied, plus four license processes were suspended.

Sheriffs must permanently revoke the license of any person who no longer meets the eligibility requirements to carry a concealed handgun. There are several reasons that a license may be revoked, including the license holder moved out of state, died, decided not to hold the license anymore, was convicted of a disqualifying crime, or became subject to the law’s restrictions on mentally ill people or people considered drug- or alcohol-dependent

Sheriffs must immediately suspend a concealed handgun license upon notification that the licensee has been arrested or charged with certain offenses or if the licensee is the subject of a protection order issued by a court. The license may be returned to the holder if he is found not guilty or the charges are dismissed.

Here are the numbers for counties adjacent to Huron County:

• Ashland: 1,166 new and 490 renewals.

• Crawford: 236 new and 227 renewals.

• Erie: 1,412 new and 705 renewals.

• Lorain: 1,609 new and 963 renewals.

• Richland: 635 new and 714 renewals.

• Sandusky: 515 new and 466 renewals.

• Seneca: 190 new and 229 renewals.

Franklin County had the most concealed carry licenses issued: 6,019 new and 3,564 renewals.

Noble County had the fewest licenses issued: 85 new and 43 renewals.

The attorney general’s office compiles an annual report as required by law about the number of licenses issued each year. Each sheriff must report concealed handgun license statistics quarterly to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission within the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Ohio sheriffs began issuing concealed carry licenses in 2004.

To read the full report, visit OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov.

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