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Former Reflector contractor admits to stealing money from newsstands

By KARLEE STEFFANNI • Updated Sep 20, 2017 at 8:20 AM

A former Norwalk Reflector independent contractor admitted to being involved in a series of thefts occurring at various newsstands belonging to the Sandusky Register

The first theft was reported on Aug. 28. Since then, Norwalk Police Sgt. James Fulton said eight additional thefts have been reported at various locations across the county. 

The sergeant said the police department recently received video footage connecting one of the eight incidents.

Shaun A. Meagrow, 35, of Norwalk, was first identified as a suspect following his termination with the Reflector in August. 

At 10:45 p.m. Monday, Meagrow admitted to being responsible for at least two of the thefts occurring in Norwalk and Bellevue, Fulton said.

The subject was brought in for questioning after video footage identified him and his vehicle at a newsstand in Bellevue.

“Sgt. Seth Fry confirmed it was Shaun,” Fulton said.

Similar crimes which occurred in Monroeville also are under investigation in connection with Meagrow.

“(The) Monroeville officers are going to be talking to him,” Fulton said.

The sergeant said the department still is working to get a total dollar amount of what was stolen.

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