Norwalk Reflector: Grocery store employees tackle drunk shoplifter

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Grocery store employees tackle drunk shoplifter

By IVY KELLER • Updated Dec 2, 2016 at 11:37 PM

BELLEVUE — Three Bassett’s Market employees stopped an alleged thief after chasing him down outside the store. According to police reports, they tackled and held him until he was taken into custody.

Police say the man in question, David G. Snyder, attempted to steal two $3.99 bottles of Kamchatka Vodka on Friday by putting them in his pants before exiting the store.

Instead of letting Snyder take off with the liquor, Bassett’s employees quickly caught up and stopped him by the gas station outside.

Bellevue officer Frank Sirse responded to the attempted theft. He advised that when he took custody of Snyder, the man smelled strongly of alcohol. Sirse said Snyder admitted to drinking and denied driving to the store. Despite living on County Road 296, he claimed he had walked there.

When Sirse searched his pockets, he found the key to a black Dodge which was sitting in the parking lot.

Snyder said he didn’t know how the vehicle ended up in the lot. He submitted to a portable breath test, and returned a blood alcohol concentration of .126 percent. The legal limit for drivers in Ohio is .08 percent.

Snyder was told the results, given back the shirt he had lost while running away and subsequently handcuffed and taken to the Bellevue Police Department for processing.

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