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Coroner Bland thinks death in Havana suspicious and takes body

• May 8, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Here are the top stories in the Norwalk Evening Herald on this date 112 years ago:


Coroner Bland thinks death in Havana suspicious and takes body

The funeral services of Mrs. John Wood, who died at Havana Saturday morning, which were held Monday afternoon at Trinity Episcopal Church in Lyme, were rudely interrupted by Coroner M.W. Bland, who informed the husband of the dead woman and Rev. Arthur Dumper of this city, the officiating clergyman, that the state wished to take possession of the body at the conclusion of the ceremony.

This unusual action was taken upon the request of Dr. Clymer of Havana, who was called to the Wood home a short time before the death of Mrs. Wood. Dr. Clymer informed Coroner Bland that the circumstances surrounding the death of Mrs. Wood were suspicious and warranted an investigation. Coroner Bland in turn called up Prosecutor Wickham in this city, who, after hearing the circumstances, ordered an investigation.

When the husband of the dead woman was informed of the coroner’s intentions, he expressed surprise but said if such a course was necessary he had no objection to the investigation.


Steel Co. holds annual meeting

The annual meeting of the Norwalk Steel & Iron Co. was held in the company’s offices in this city yesterday afternoon. The stockholders elected the following directors: A.M. Beattie, J.G. Gibbs, J.H. Beattie, H.L Protzman, Norwalk; A.R. Teachout, Cleveland; and W.E. Stockton, Chicago.

The company expects to get into the new offices in the Gallup block the latter part of the week.


In Society

The Tuesday Club and several guests to the number of thirty, were delightfully entertained yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth K. Martin on West Main Street.

A comprehensive and interesting paper on “Social Settlement Work,” was given by Mrs. F.L. Stein, after which Mrs. Charlotte Strong Kennan gave a synopsis of the work of her nephew, Strong McGuire, in the slums of New York City, where he has organized a men’s club, commencing with twelve which has now grown to one hundred fifty.


Will clean the streets

Clean streets for Norwalk the coming summer was the slogan of the city council last night. Two resolutions and one ordinance looking to this and were passed and the controversy between City Auditor Kellogg and the board of public service is at an end. As stated in the Herald last week, Solicitor Pruner presented an ordinance authorizing the board of public service to purchase or rent tools and machinery and hire the labor necessary for cleaning the streets.


Case against Eker bitterly contested

The case against Frank Eker, instituted by Marcus Billstine, in which the latter charges Eker with pointing a loaded shot gun at him, is being bitterly contested.

Many witnesses have been subpoened on both sides and the hearing is still on before Justice Bechtol. 

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