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Anniversary of the resurrection observed by all denominations

• Apr 17, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Here are the top stories in The Daily Reflector on this date in 1911:


Anniversary of the resurrection observed by all denominations

Easter Sunday, 1911, was celebrated in all churches of this city in a more or less elaborate manner. The interior of the various edifices were made unusually attractive by decorations of potted palms and other plants and by a great profusion of choice cut flowers, among which were numerous memorials to departed members of church and congregation. Special music for the occasion was rendered in all the churches and the sermons delivered  by the several pastors were on the all-absorbing theme of the Resurrection.
Although the weather cut up a little caper during the morning and furnished a two-minute snow storm, yet for the mot part the day was bright and sunshiny and brought out many attendants at the various churches.


Transfers of real estate

During the week ended Saturday night, thirty-four deeds transferring Huron County real estate were filed for record in the county recorder’s office. Of the thirty-four deeds two are withheld from publication by request.

The total consideration involved in the thirty-two transactions was $45,126, ranging in sums of from $1 up to $9,500, which was paid for an undivided one-half interest in a 233-acre farm in RIchmond township. The next largest amount was $5,500, paid for a 110-acre farm in Clarksfield township.


Norwalk officer going to Texas

Major A.W. Davis, Fifth Regiment, Norwalk, is one of twelve Ohio National Guard officers who have been selected as a second detail of Ohio militia that will take part in the United States Army maneuvers along the Mexican border. The detail has been ordered  by the War Department to report for duty at San Antonio, Tex., on Tuesday, April 25. With the exception of a telegram received from Adjutant General Weybrecht commanding the state militia, asking him if it will be convenient for him to report at San Antonio on that date and to which he replied that it will be, Major Davis said Monday that he heard nothing officially regarding the matter.


Sudden death of wife and mother

One of the saddest deaths that has ever occurred in Norwalk was that at about 5:30 o’clock Monday morning of Mrs. Minnie Klein, the wife of Henry Klein, at their home, No. 143 Milan Street. Not only does Mrs. Klein leave a husband and five motherless children, but with her death occurred that of her unborn babe, whose birth was expected within a few days.

Mrs. Klein’s death was very sudden and was indirectly due to acute pneumonia, according to physicians. Mr. Klein is employed as a boilermaker in the Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad shops at Brewster, and he was not at home when his wife passed away, although he came to Norwalk later in the day, having been summoned here on account of her death.

Death overtook Mrs. Klein as she was preparing to arise from her bed for the day. As she got to her feet she was heard to give a smothered exclamation, which was heard by one of her children, who hastened to his mother, reaching her just in time to prevent her falling to the floor. Before a physician could be summoned, Mrs. Klein was dead, having, it is said, literally smothered or strangled to death.

The funeral for Mrs. Klein will be held from St. Paul’s Catholic Church Wednesday morning and the remains will be interred in St. Paul’s cemetery on South West Street.

Minnie Schick was born in Germany on January 22, 1868, and in 1883 came to this country with her parents, settling in Norwalk. She was united in marriage to Henry Klein in 1889, and to them were born seven children, five of whom, William, Alfreda, Minnie, Carl and Ernest, with their father survive here. Two children, Dorothy and Henry, preceded their mother to the grave, the former at the age of thirteen years and the latter when only six months old. Mrs. Klein also is survived by a brother, William Schick, of this city.



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