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Who remembers Barnaby? All of us old-timers in Norwalk do.

• Mar 29, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Who remembers Barnaby? All of us old-timers in Norwalk do. Here’s some more stories from 1959.

Barnaby In Town

Linn Sheldon, Barnaby to the kids, is scheduled to greet local children next Saturday at The Perfected Store on West Main Street.

Starring on his KYW-TV Show in Cleveland, Barnaby returned to his roots where he started as an actor at Norwalk High plays and then as a cast member of the Shoestring Players’ operetta, The Enchanted Isle”. His TV show “Barnaby, Popeye and Friends, attracts 300,000 children.

John Borgia for sheriff

It was the fall of 1959 when Deputy Sheriff John Borgia made the decision to circulate petitions as a Republican candidate for sheriff. He will be opposed on the GOP ticket by veteran deputy Herb Schaffer. This all came about after long-time Sheriff Harry Broome announced he would retire at the end of his term.

Democrats Paul Simon and Bob Lynch have called the Board of Elections for declaration of candidacy petitions.

Flyers counter with Ebert

Tony Paris had two lettermen back from a team that those who saw them play had every right to believe they would make a strong run toward Columbus had it not been for the coaching or lack there-of by Paris, admittedly a football coach by trade. The veterans back were guards Mike Ebert and Jim Lonz. A lot of help would have to come from Don Lippert, Jerry Simon, Bernard Fries, Paul Roth and Dick Parish.

History shows that Ebert did not need much help most nights. He scored 37 points in the opener at the Monroe Street gym but the Flyers lost the game 78-73.

The following week he poured in 45 at Lorain St. Mary to break the school record held by George Potts.

Ebert took his game to Monroeville in a holiday tournament a couple weeks later. Playing Polk, he equaled his school record (45) as the Flyers walloped the Presidents, 81-52. At that juncture, he was the leading scorer in the state with a 37.3 average.

Sesqui Belles make appearance

Mayor Louis Frey welcomed the Sesquicentennial Belles, their first appearance as part of the week-long Norwalk celebration. Also on hand after a gala evening parade were representatives from Norwalk’s sister city, Norwalk, Conn. Sesqui committee chairman Jesse Stevens introduced the Little Belles on hand. They were Margaret Boose, Lisa and Olivia Wyatt, Carol Widman, Pam Burnett and Ann Vartorella.

Ag Society Board Members

The new Huron County Agricultural members (Fair Board) following an election of the membership included Lewis G. Heyman from New London Township, Harold Scheid from Peru Township, James Keifer from New London Village and Ellie Klingelsmith from Norwich Township. The president of the association is Ray Feichtner.

Pleasant St. Entertainers

The Christmas play “Stars of Bethelem” was performed last night at Pleasant Street School. The cast included Billy Kuhlman, Billy Beck, Johnnie Woodyard, Tim Simon, Jimmie Lewellen, Tim Finch, Dennis Ballard, Charles Derby, Tim Wallace, David Slabodnick and Stevie Zureich.

Million Miles Railroader

Maple Street resident Al Evans, a veteran of more than a million miles of railroading, was presented a 50-year pin by an official from the Nickel Plate Railroad.

Evans, presently an engineer on the Norwalk-Huron run, started working as a fireman in Toledo on the Wheeling Division in 1909.

Cycling Adventure

Sharon Burras and Sue Livengood strapped a blanket roll and a saddle-bag on their bikes and headed out. The daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Burras and Mr. and Mrs. Urban Livengood will rendezvous with six other teenagers at Springfield College in Massachusetts and embark on a 600-mile ride through Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, stopping at tourist sites Cape Cod and the whaling ports of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Bargain Prices

There was a lot more advertising in the Reflector on Independence Day 1959 than what there is today. Here is a sampling of the prices:

A 40-gallon hot water heater was priced at $74.50 at the Kohlmyer Hardware.

Norge had a 13-cubic-foot refrigerator on sale for $299,95. Same price for a 17-cubic-foot chest type freezer.

Blinzley’s had a chaise lounge on sale for $14.50 while a folding chair could be purchased for $6.95.

A bucket serving five of Kentucky Fried cost $3.50.

Meek’s Pastry Shop had an apple cake for 49 cents and maple nut cookies priced at 39 cents a dozen with the second dozen price, one penny.

Pohl’s had men’s swimming trunks on sale for $2.99.

Ladies could purchase a skirt at Jean Frock’s for $2.59 and a blouse for $1.79. A cotton blouse without sleeves was yours for 88 cents.

At the meat counter at Modern Market, lunch meat sold for 59 cents a pound. Pork chops went for 59 cents a pound, bacon for 49 cents and swiss steak for 89 cents.

Tires (6.70-15’s) blackwalls sold for $11.95 at the B.F. Goodrich Store. If you wanted white-walls, they went for $15.95.

Martin Motors owner Charley Martin, (Probably Don Weltlin was selling cars even back then), was selling cars for prices like this: A 1957 Ford was off the lot for $1,845. The best deal though was a new Olds Fiesta. It could be purchased for $2,095 and the buyer got 100-gallons of gas as a bonus.

“Hercules”, starring Steve Reeves, was playing at Schine’s Theatre.

The fun-place to be on a Friday and Saturday night, however, was Friendly Corners.

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