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Republicans name good men and true for office

• Mar 15, 2019 at 8:00 PM

March 15, 1901

The top stories in The Daily Reflector on this date 118 years ago:


The Republicans name good men and true for office

The gentlemen who will conduct the affairs of Norwalk city and township in the future were named at the republican conventions held at the court house Thursday evening. The proceedings of the conventions follow:

The township convention was called to order by J.R. McKnight and Dr. A.L. Osborn was named for temporary chairman and T.P. Kellogg and F.H. Laning were made temporary secretaries.

Justice of the Peace: A.C. Holiday named S.T.A. Van Sciver, the present incumbent, and there being no other names presented, the secretary was directed to cast the vote of the entire convention for Mr. Van. Sciver.

Township Trustee: For this office, G.T. Thomas named L.G. Brailey, S.D. Morse named Chas. W. Drake and F.Z. Graham named Milo Johnson. 

On motion of J.R. McKnight it was directed that the vote of each precincct should be cast by the chairman of the delegation.

John Laylin and F.O. Ronk were appointed tellers and a ballot was ordered with Johnson winning on the second ballot.

Treasurer: Charles Suhr named for this office William M. Husted, the present incumbent, and there being no other names presented, Mr. Husted was nominated.

Supervisor of Ditches: A.W. Rounds named William C. Penfield, who was nominated, there being no other names presented.


Mr. Stevenson still living

Word was received from Berlinville this morning that Frank Stevenson, who was severely injured in a runaway in this city a few days ago, was still alive and a little better. He was so bad last night that a council of doctors was called and it was thought he would not survive many hours.


Level headed saying

A well posted and level headed agricultural editor says: “The hog is the mortgage lifter, the sheep the farm fertilizer, the cow the barn builder and the hen the grocery bill payer. This quartet, with a man and a woman not afraid of the work in caring for them, will insure prosperity on any farm.”


Robbers found guilty

The jury in the case of the United States vs. John Ferguson, accused of having assisted in burglarizing the post office at Peru, on the night of Sept. 6, went out at 3:30 Thursday afternoon, and at 11 o’clock that night returned a verdict of guilty of larceny in the  sum of $67.39, in postage stamps, says the Toledo Times. Ferguson was indicted by the grand jury in December, and Alexander Moore, an accomplice, is now doing time for the same job.

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