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Milan to send big invitation to Thomas Edison to attend high school commencement

• Feb 6, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Feb. 6, 1914: 

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date in 1914:


Inventor will be asked to take part in high school commencement

The senior class of the Milan high school, pupils, faculty and board of education, have voted unanimously to extend to Mr. Edison a most cordial and hearty invitation to be present and participate in the coming commencement to be held the last week of May. Doubtless, such an invitation in view of the memories, surroundings and associations of Milan, would appeal to him far  more forcibly than one coming from any other source.

In as much as Mr. Edison has shown such interest  in the welfare and prosperity of the Milan high school in contributing physical apparatus, we believe that he is in thorough sympathy and accord with our schools and that he will consider seriously an invitation coming from the Milan high school and community, and feel that he would be inclined to come at this time to meet the people of his birthplace.


Norwalk man gives Elyria slogan

Henry G. Peat, a former Norwlakian now with the Elyria Telegram, has the honor of having named the slogan adopted for Elyria by the chamber of commerce of that city. It was selected from 700 suggestions and is “The 100 per cent City.” 


Object to proposed law

A meeting of the Huron County Humane Society was held this afternoon to take action protesting against a bill now before the state legislature which amounts to the abolishment of humane societies, placing the function granted them under the present law with the probate or juvenile courts. The following letter was sent to both Senator W.H. Herner and Representative C.P. Venus:

“At a called meeting of the Huron County Humane Society for the consideration of bill now pending before the senate, No. 25, to transfer the work of the Humane Society to the probate court or juvenile court, resolved:

“That the concensus of opinion of the Huron County Humane Society is that such a measure would be detrimental to the best interests of the county and dependent children. We also request our senator and representative to us their influence against the passage of such a law.”


Huron County boy in the contest

Among the Oberlin students who will take part in the Home oratorical contest to be held March 3, is Clare Vrooman, 15, of North Monroeville.

The winner in the contest will represent Oberlin in the annual May contest of the Northern Oratorical League, which includes Oberlin, the Unviersity of Minnesota and the University of Iowa.



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