Rough road ahead on Summit St.

Stacey Hartley • May 30, 2019 at 5:00 PM

Several feet of roadway on Summit Street is sitting on dangerous ground — something not sitting well with Norwalk city council and the public works department.

A stretch of the road between Linwood and Benedict avenues has noticeably broken-off pavement, which is only a bowed guardrail away from a steep ditch on the street’s right-hand side (when facing Benedict). There is one house and one office building facing Summit Street.

Councilman Steve Schumm described the area on Summit Street as having a “major erosion problem.”

“As the city, we’ve been keeping an eye on it, but it keeps getting worse,” he added. “Because it’s getting worse, … it’s going to be something that will cost a lot of money, but it’s something that you can see why it has to be taken care of.”

Wally Ritchie, the interim public works director, said not only is the road’s condition on the department’s radar, but that talks for Summit Street’s repairs began two years ago. 

“We’ve actually done repairs on Summit a few times, but with the different types of soil (underneath the road and in the ditch), we would rather wait to find out (from the consulting firm) what we’re working with. That way we can repair it correctly with the right materials, instead of filling in the area right now with the wrong ones.

“Worst case, we do a temporary fix using sheet piling — which is being used to fill patches of Pleasant Street,” he added.

Pending feedback from a consulting firm, construction could start within two weeks.

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