County to spend $781K to resurface 5 parking lots

Cary Ashby • Aug 10, 2018 at 2:00 AM

Huron County is spending more than $781,000 to resurface five parking lots.

The first one is at the Huron County Administration Building, 180 Milan Ave. That project will go from Aug. 20 through 27.

Four other parking lots also will be resurfaced: Department of Job and Family Services (Aug. 28 through Sept. 3), Shady Lane complex (Sept. 4 through 10), the jail (Sept. 11 through 17) and downtown building and Huron County Courthouse (Sept. 18 through Oct. 3).

In late May, commissioners awarded a nearly $781,306 bid to A.J. Riley, Inc. Director of operations Pete Welch said the county is spending bonded money, which was acquired through selling low-interest, low-risk bonds.

Behind the downtown county building and courthouse, the entire parking lot will be redesigned and offer six to eight more spaces. 

“We are ripping it all out,” Commissioner Skip Wilde said, referring to the islands and old bank drive-thru.

Most of the parking spaces will be assigned to the departments that work in those buildings, he added. In addition, there will be six general-parking spaces and two designated for handicapped. Two entrances will be off Linwood Avenue and the exit will be off East Seminary Street.

In addition, RMH Concrete & Foundations, Inc. will start redoing the driveway aprons, all the sidewalks and front entrance steps at the administration building today. Welch said the $24,857 project is paid for by the county permanent improvement fund and Huron County Public Health. RMH is based out of Collins.

A third project is replacing several single-pane windows in the downtown county building with double-pane windows that will be more energy-efficient.

“It will mostly be the big ones,” Welch said. “The windows are being made right now.”

Capitol Aluminum & Glass Corp. in Bellevue will oversee the estimated $28,700 project, which starts at the beginning of October. 

Welch said all of these projects have been on a to-do wish list for many years and this board of commissioners is the first to find a way to make them happen.

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