Norwalk Reflector: County office documents being relocated

County office documents being relocated

Cary Ashby • Aug 10, 2018 at 2:18 PM

More than 950 boxes of files plus 35 journals have been relocated from various Huron County offices. The commissioners have called the process part of an “organized record retention.”

The move from the prosecutor’s office is complete. According to the county commissioners’ office, about 850 boxes were moved to the basement of 22 E. Main St., which has new shelving and the boxes occupy about 30 percent of the available space.

“We have space for an estimated 1,800 additional banker boxes. Currently, the summer help is moving clerk-of-court records from the old jail to the basement,” according to a statement from the commissioners.

The “summer help” was Nick Roth, a Youngstown State University student, and Quinn Hipp, who attends The University of Toledo. Pete Welch, Huron County director of operations, said it took the students nearly one month to move the boxes from the prosecutor’s office to the basement storage space.

In May, new shelves were installed in the basement of 22 E. Main St., which housed the Northern Ohio Antique Mall. Huron County owns the building, which was purchased during a 2004 sheriff’s sale.

“They just got done (with the shelves) last week,” Welch said.

After her lease expired June 30, 2017, Mary Anne Claus moved the antique mall to the former PNC Bank site across the street. Last summer, the commissioners said they planned to use the basement for permanent record storage. There is a sprinkler system in case of a fire.

Nineteen boxes from the landfill and another 87 from the commissioners have been relocated from an office building vault to the East Main Street basement. In addition, the Huron County Recorder’s Office moved 35 journals from the Shady Lane storage space to the vault.

“Having a central location for record storage is important,” said Vickie Ziemba, county administrator and clerk to the board.

A timeline for other county offices to move their documents to the basement is unclear. Commissioner Skip Wilde said “it’s all based on labor,” the time that elected officials it would take to go through their documents and the available manpower to move boxes from their current locations to the basement.

“Some (paperwork) we can destroy; we do that through Christy Lane,” he added.

In the case of the clerk of courts, Welch said Susan Hazel and her staff are working out the details of what documents should stay in the courthouse and what will be stored in the basement. He and Wilde stressed one the important parts of the process is only moving the boxes once.

Wilde is pleased to see so many boxes being moved.

“That’s a really, really big deal,” the commissioner said.

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