Norwalk Reflector: Norwalk engineer gives updates on Old State Road, new fire station

Norwalk engineer gives updates on Old State Road, new fire station

Cary Ashby • Updated Jun 7, 2018 at 5:22 PM

The Old State Road improvement project is on schedule to be finished by July 5, its projected completion date.

Norwalk Public Works Director Josh Snyder shared that information with city council Tuesday. In his brief report.  he said the curbs should be in next week and “from here, it’s the pretty stuff” — the curbs and roadway work.

Snyder also said the new fire station is coming along nicely, with the general contractor using 16 employees to install bricks.

“That’s moving along really well,” the engineer added.

In other Norwalk Fire Department news, Soisson informed council members that his agency achieved a prestigious audit grade of Class 3 from the Insurance Service Organization, better known as ISO.

“This puts us in the top 10 percent of fire departments in the country,” he added. “Our strengths (in 2008) were our water system and our equipment. … What changed our score significantly was our training, inspections, documentation, fire-prevention programs and deployment analysis. In training alone, we had a 72-percent increase in that line score.”

The fire department had its last audit in 2008. 

“Basically (the way) I think of it is they rate the fire department and they are rating you only on fire suppression,” Soisson said before Tuesday’s meeting. “It has nothing to do with EMS; it has nothing to do with rescue; it has to do with your ability to put out fires quickly and to prevent damage.” 

ISO grades departments from 0 to 100 — information used by insurance companies to determine rates. Soisson said Norwalk received a grade of 76.54, “which puts us well into Class 3.” The fire department received a Class-4 grade during the 2008 audit. Look for additional information in a future story.

In other action, council president Steve Euton said the police chief selection committee is still working on the process of appointing or determining a new chief. Euton didn’t elaborate. The two candidates are interim Chief Mike Conney and Capt. Dave Smith.

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