Council discusses proposed changes to city employee personnel policies

Cary Ashby • Apr 24, 2018 at 9:00 PM

Norwalk city council, during its work session Tuesday, addressed two proposed ordinances that would amend the personnel policy manual pertaining to a city credit card and updating the harassment policy.

Finance director Michelle Reeder said probably less than 10 credit cards would be issued, there would be a $2,5000 transaction limit and the cards mostly would be used for hotel reservations and conference expenses for business trips, while food purchases and entertainment would be prohibited transactions. She also informed council it’s possible to limit exactly where the cards could be used. 

“I don’t see it (being) used every day,” Reeder said.

Law director Stuart O’Hara said the process for approving purchase orders beforehand still would be required and the cards only would go to department heads, who then would decide what employees could use the credit card.

“That would pull back the number of people who would use them,” he added.

Public works director Josh Snyder said he expects his department would use a city credit card the most — “weekly at least” — since online purchases are the most effective way to save money for buying parts. 

In other action, O’Hara said given the national attention to harassment in the workplace lately, specifically sexual harassment, the personnel policy on the matter needs to be updated to include “all forms of harassment” and cover how the complaint and appeal processes are handled. Councilman Dave Wallace said he wants to make sure any changes in the legal language would “protect all people.”

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