Norwalk Reflector: The people have spoken - Norwalk council puts tax credit ordinance on back burner

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The people have spoken - Norwalk council puts tax credit ordinance on back burner

By IVY KELLER • Sep 9, 2016 at 12:00 PM

City council may be split over the much-debated tax credit ordinance, but it seems one thing they could all agree on: they don’t want to deal with it yet.

Council voted unanimously Tuesday to send the proposed ordinance back to the finance committee.

Like last week, many people showed up to express their opinions regarding the tax credit legislation.

One woman, Maryellen Hamernick, commented that the city said the raise was due in part to the police and fire station.

“Why not come to us with a levy?” she asked.

After the recent backlash from Maple City residents regarding the legislation, which would cut the current reciprocal income tax credit by half, council member Steve Schumm motioned to send the ordinance to the finance committee.

Schumm recommended the action so council could “investigate more thoroughly,” he said — adding he didn’t feel comfortable voting at this point.

David Wallace seconded the motion. Everyone else voted yes.

Following the successful motion, many of the people who showed up at the meeting to voice their opinions promptly left.

All other ordinances presented at the meeting were adopted or tabled.

The finance committee will meet 6 p.m. Tuesday at city hall before the regular council meeting. The public is allowed to attend, although council president Steve Euton stressed the fact that the tax credit item might not be discussed at that time.

Euton also made known council’s intent to start an official Facebook page.

“Just for communication, our agenda, our minutes,” he said. “It’s not ready yet, but it shouldn’t take very long.”

Euton commented things are no longer reported by media outlets the way they used to be, and a Facebook page now seems necessary.

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