Norwalk Reflector: Rep. Boose: 'Finding good people is tough'

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Rep. Boose: 'Finding good people is tough'

By SCOTT SEITZ • Jun 19, 2016 at 9:17 AM

Now is crunch time for state Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township).

“I am done in Columbus until after the elections,” he said.

That means he is in the 57th district, listening to what his constituents have to say.

“People always want to talk about the economy,” Boose said. “Though, the unemployment rate still is too high, it is much better than it has been.

“But, overall, wages are down compared to where they were a few years ago,” he said.

Boose said the economy is a tough issue.

“Now, it is a world economy,” he said. “There are so many uncontrollable variables and so few of those are at the local level. 

“I keep telling people to live according to what they can afford,” Boose said. “Keep working hard. 

“Businesses have jobs available for those who can pass a drug test and have good work ethic,” he added.

Boose said he is confident businesses once again will reward employees who have a good work ethic and are productive.

“It’s not easy to find good employees,” he said. “I’m hearing that from businesses all over the county and district. Finding good people is tough.”

He encourages employees to hang in there.

“Keep being productive and developing that work ethic,” Boose said, adding once the economy fully rebounds, businesses will be able to reward such attributes.

Constituents also want to discuss the drug and alcohol problem.

“It’s tough for Huron County because of the size of the county,” he said. “It’s more difficult to get grants and the funding we need. 

“There are groups working very hard including Fisher-Titus Medical Center and the health department,” Boose said.

The community, which consists of schools, law enforcement, faith-based organizations, hospitals and doctors must all work together, Boose said.

“Everyone need to be on the same page,” he said. “We can do this if the community totally pulls together.”

Finally, Boose said residents talk about CAUV, which is Current Agricultural Use Values. 

“The ag tax, that is a big item,” he said. “I’ve talked to a lot of ag friends.”

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