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More good news: Huron County sales tax sets 23rd straight record

By SCOTT SEITZ • Dec 23, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Sales tax collection in Huron County continues to smash records.

The newest report, released by Auditor Roland Tkach, showed $805,280 collected in September, up from $794,307 brought in during the same period a year ago.

“This is the 23rd month in a row the month-to-year total was higher than the year before,” Tkach said.

“The estimate of sales tax for 2015 was exceeded by $1.78 million,” he added.

Tkach said sales tax finished the year at 121.78 percent above the estimate.

“The revenue estimate was very conservative,” Tkach said. “Residents have enjoyed low interest rates and decreasing gas prices. This has allowed people to spend their money on goods and services in Huron County.”

Tkach said the sales tax estimate will be a bit higher in 2016.

“We have shown increases 23 months in a row, but the economy can turn,” he said. “This month was just a slight increase over last year. We’ll be watching that trend.

”At some point, businesses cycle or we could see a downside,“ Tkach said. ”We will be very vigilant watching those trends.“

Liquor sales were up 14.81 percent over last year.

Tkach said county officials appreciate the residents spending locally.

”So does the state of Ohio,“ he said. ”The county paid the state $38 million in sales tax this year. The county brought in just shy of $10 million.“

Tkach said the general fund appears to be in good shape, adding he will release the carry-over figure at 4:30 p.m. Dec. 31.

Tkach will release his complete financial review of Huron County in mid-January.

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