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Huron County Airport seeking another federal grant

By SCOTT SEITZ • Dec 2, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Progress continues to be made at the Huron County Airport.

At Monday’s special meeting, airport board members signed a federal grant pre-application which will be forwarded to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) along with the capital improvement plan.

The pre-application is a step in the process, with the ultimate goal of receiving federal grant funds for airport improvements in 2016.

Harry Brady, airport board president, said if funds are approved for next year, they will be used to update the airport layout plan, conduct a 20 to 1 obstruction survey and perform a wildlife study.

Brady talked about these projects and others prior to Monday’s meeting.

“The bulk of this money will go toward the airport layout plan,” he said. “We were hoping to also do the tarmac in front of the commercial hangar, but that will cost hundreds of thousands, itself, and need to be pushed back a year.”

It was noted at a prior board meeting that the wildlife study could take up to a year, as the study will need to be conducted in all four seasons of the year.

Brady said the repairing of the tarmac needs to be moved up on the priority list.

“Aircraft are using it and it could cause potential damage to aircraft if we don’t fix it,” he said.

The grant pre-application was due to the FAA by Dec. 1.

“This lets the FAA know we intend to file for a grant in 2016,” Brady said. “We’ll sign this and send it on its way.”

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