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Martello wins second straight invite title

By DON HOHLER • Jun 28, 2018 at 12:06 AM

HURON TWP. — Neither rain, wind or turned-out umbrellas could keep Sawmill Creek’s Kim Martello from winning medalist honors for the second straight year at the 14th Annual North Coast Four-Course Ladies Invitational.

Playing on her home course, Sawmill Creek, Martello worked it around in 86 strokes, four more than last year but still good enough to turn back two championship flight players from Eagle Creek, Nancy Bleile and Ellie Schneider, both shooting 90s.

Martello, a two-time Plum Brook Ladies Champion, used her strength — driving the golf ball — to out-distance the field.

“That’s my game. If only I could bring my putting game up to that standard. I did a decent job at getting the ball close to the green in regulation today and that was the challenge. The course was heavy, very little roll.

“I just tried to remember what Dad told me when playing in these conditions and that is to take what the course gives you and that probably is good enough,” Martello stated.

Martello’s father was Dave Logan, the long-time teaching pro at the driving range located on Ohio 6 near the airport.

“Dad was still out on the course trying to help me at age 92,” his daughter proudly said.

Bleile took a lesson from Eagle Creek pro Dave Morgan Tuesday but said it takes time to think through what changes he made in her swing.

“I did not play that bad on the front but the numbers started to add up on the back,” the defending Eagle Creek ladies champion said. “The rain was not as much a hinderance as it could have been. Just kind of annoying. I just have to concentrate more on what the pro told me to do.”

Schneider, who was probably the youngest player in the field, disliked the elements.

“I just did not do a good job of handling the soggy turf,” she said. “You had to pick the ball clean to get distance and I did not do a good job of that.”

The tournament format was best ball net of the foursome with four players, one each from A, B, C and D flights on a team. Because so many players either did not start (DNS) or did not finish (DNF), it was a scoring nightmare for tournament coordinator Ginny Corbett and her daughter, Chris.

When all was sensibly figured, the winning team was made up of Evie Dean (EC), Ginny Corbett (SM), Ellie Schneider (EC) and Brenda Pfleiger (SM) with a 120. That was four strokes better than the foursome of Sharon DuBuois (TB), Linda Wenner (W), Karen Schneider (EC) and Carol Coon (EC).

The low-gross winners were Martello from Sawmill although the runners-up Corbett and Brenda Delamatre were also honored for their 101s, Bleile and Ellie Schneider for their 90s, Barb Wobser, Thunderbird, 109, and Linda Wenner, Woussickett, 95.

Although 12 players signed up to play in the 9-hole tournament, just four stayed the course because of the rain. The winner was Sandy Zelvy from Sawmill with a 61. She shaded Eagle Creek’s Juanita Lopez by a stroke. Rita Woodside, 69, and Peggy Lonz, 71, both from Eagle Creek, were the only other 9-hole players to turn in cards.

Hole prize winners for chip shots included Sharon Balcarcel (TB), Linda Plumb (TB), Linda Wenner (W), Nancy Bleile (EC), Pat Wilson (SM), Karen Tillack (TB), Linda Fehnrick (W), Annette Stroud (EC) and Patti Sager (SM).

Prizes for closest to the chalk line were won by Carol Boraski (TB), Liz Koleno (W), Sharon Balcarcel (TB) and Carol Myer (TB).

Putting prowess was shown by Donna Pittenger (EC), Pat Wilson (SM), Pat Szekely (W) and Ginny (Paletunow (EC).

Representing Eagle Creek as 18-hole players (gross scores) included Nancy Bleile 90, Evie Dean 93, Ginny Paletunow 94, Carol Payne 97, Annette Stroud 106, Donna Pittenger 101, Erin Lendrum 110, Ellie Schneider 90, Sharyn Fry 117, Diana Brooker 115, Mindy Calhoun 123, Sue Jump 129, Debbie Balduff 109, Carrol Coon 119, Karen Schneider 102 and Freda Soisson 116.

9-hole players included Juanita Lopez 62, Rita Woodside 69, Peggy Lonz 71. Debb Esch, Donna Coe and Pat Hipp did not finish.

Sawmill Creek 18-hole players included Kim Martello 86, Vertis Clements 127, Patti Sager 117, Ginny Corbett 101, Brenda Delamatre 101, Roberta Kessler 113, Pat Wilson 116, Brenda Pfleiger 132, Judy Rustatz 137. Karen Bork (DNS), Iris Kuebeler (DNF).

9-hole players included Sandy Zelvy 61. Chris Corbett, Sylvia Mazza and Lois Myers either DNS or DNF.

Representing Thunderbird as 18-hole players included Linda Plumb 116, Barb Wobser 109, Janet Harst 112, Sharon Dubois 112, Diane Shoemaker 110, Carol Boraski 114, Karen Tillack 120, Betty Meese 137, and Carol Myers 146. Kathy O’Neil, Ann Mellein, Gloria Lamb and Sharon Balcarcel either DNS or DNF.

9-hole players Cathy Zeiker and Pat Guerra DNF.

Representing Woussickett as 18-hole players included Linda Wenner 95, Pat Szekely 113, Linda Fehnrick 107, Dianne Farrar 133, Liz Koleno 114, Linda Moon 113 and Peggy Myers 142. Nancy Herl DNF.

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