Two semis collide in Monroeville

Cary Ashby • Updated Apr 18, 2018 at 8:59 PM

MONROEVILLE — There was significant damage to the front of a standard tractor-trailer and the back of a Dumpster-style trailer after an accident Wednesday afternoon.

The crash was reported just before 4:30 p.m. and happened on U.S. 20 just east of Ohio 99. The Huron River Joint Fire District responded to the crash site along with North Central EMS, the state Highway Patrol, Monroeville Police Department and Huron County Sheriff’s Office.

No details about the accident from authorities were available at press time, but dark brake marks were clearly visible on the pavement stretching 120 to 150 feet before the two semis collided.

North Central EMS personnel checked on the driver in the rear truck while the other motorist remained in his cab. Firefighters at the scene said the man’s possible injuries didn’t appear to be serious. 

The truck in the rear had a license plate from Maine. The cab was marked Art Mulder & Sons Trucking, which is based in Holland, Mich. A firefighter said the semi was hauling food products while the other truck, which had an Ohio license plate and had the Dumpster-style trailer, was carrying scrap engine blocks.

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