Youngers get taste of fair showmanship

Madeline Roche • Aug 19, 2017 at 10:00 AM

The Huron County Fair tries to make sure no one gets left out — no matter the age.

The PeeWee Sheep Showmanship provides children who are too young for 4-H the opportunity to show a sheep owned by a family member or friend.

The event, which took place Friday morning in the Doug Wilson Building, teaches the youngsters how to walk with the animals during a competition and present them to a judge.

Participants were rewarded with goodie bags that included a piggy bank, coloring sheets, a free ice cream ticket and fruit snacks.

“It went really well. All of the kids had fun and liked their goodie bags,” said Pressley Buurma, second attendant to the junior fair queen. Part of her duties are going to showings, talking to young ones and encouraging 4-H.

During the show, the judge talked about how important it is to get children involved early.

“They are our future,” he said, adding that he encourages parents to work with their children and to be a good example. 

Organizers say the event makes youngsters aware of the excitement and family atmosphere of showing animals so they aren’t as nervous when they grow up.

A family from Wakeman showed their sheep, Gilbert and Albert.

Six-year-old Haddie Green said she liked showing her sheep.

Her older sister, Hazel, added: “Sheep are one of the easiest animals to take care of.”

She feeds the sheep twice a day, waters them and makes sure their pen stays dry.

“They (the sheep) have quite the personalities. She just falls in love with them,” their mother, Lacie Green, said.

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