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City makes progress in fight against blue-green algae

By IVY KELLER • Sep 3, 2016 at 4:00 PM

Treatment of the blue-green (cyanobacteria) algae bloom in Veterans Memorial Lake Reservoir is going well, says Josh Snyder, Norwalk public works director.

As well as can be expected, at least.

“We are seeing some progress with the product most recently applied,” he said Friday morning. “The guys are constantly monitoring it and applying more as needed.”

Snyder said the city is treating the bloom, but it is still present in the water.

“It’s not gone, and I don’t know that it’s been gone,” he added.

Memorial Reservoir has seen blue-green algae blooms in previous years as well. In 2014, the upper reservoir was closed for about a week while it was treated with copper sulfate and liquid copper.

The city is currently using potassium permanganate, a common algaecide, to treat Veterans Memorial Lake.

As well as being used to treat algae, potassium permanganate is used for other purposes — including the control of zebra mussel populations and treatment of waste water.

For the moment, it seems the city can only continue to monitor and treat the issue until it responds.

“It’s not at any level to be of a safety concern,” Snyder said. “So that’s the current status.”

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